Amber Time Application for Wang Yijian Chain Leading Block Chain 3.0

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AmbertimeBlock Chain Luxury Cruise International Summit Interview with Li Jian

Application Cooperative Enterprise Dacai on-site contract signing



The theme of this conference is "Amber Time, Application is the King". The application cooperation enterprise Dacai signed the contract on the spot! The meeting was mainly focused on the Ambertime project introduction and nine major application scenarios. Ambertime Block Chain Luxury Cruise International Summit Interview with Yang Huabi

AmberTime opens the bottom AMT block chain technology platform and standardization protocol framework for the above industries, and provides a unified API interface to build a bridge between the front-end application of service providers and AMT block chain. Finally, through technological innovation, AmberTime helps to clarify the company's business model and benefit distribution context; enables service providers to use block chain technology more cheaply and conveniently; promotes business development and facilitates business development. Realize the application scenario of innovation block chain and deploy the company's own new business strategy. And all institutions that provide "one-button-on-chain" based on mberTime realize payment and circulation of transactions and records through the token Ambertime Coin (AMTC).

In addition, AMT has many applications, including:

Iyat Yacht Holiday Company is the first Chinese yacht reservation platform in the world. It uses AMT block chain to solve the Global Yacht resource distribution record and accepts AMTC payment.

At this summit, the founder of Kession Capital, CEOMichael Kessler, announced on stage that Ambertime and GBX (Gibraltar Block Chain Exchange) had reached a strategic cooperation agreement, and AMTC was about to launch the Gibraltar Block Chain Exchange.

The Amber Time Block Chain Luxury Cruise International Summit ended in a peaceful atmosphere. (The summit was covered by WBO News Agency in the Asia-Pacific region. It was published in 10 languages and covered more than 1,000 media, including nearly 1,300 news websites and the whole Asia-Pacific region.)