Ambertime(AMT)——3.0Block Chain Commercial Platform

2018-06-26 13:41:07 Metinfo 36

AmbertimePhase one


Block chain is a good end of the product of the times, because of the lack of rules and supervision, and bad currency players were corrupted. Past events can not be traced, especially for those who come. The winter of the collapse of the currency circle is precisely the spring of the block chain entrepreneurship.


Block chain 1


AMT to Subject: ETH, EOS of 3.0

EOS, ETH: Equivalent to a system on a computer. Customer applications and software are redeveloped on this platform.

AMT: Equivalent to Taobao Platform, there are already formed systems, enterprises and institutions can directly apply AMT block chain technology to complete their own business applications.

ETH: Writing in your own language (POW) requires 51% network consensus validation

EOS: Writing in C (POS) requires 21 supernodes to confirm

AMT: Alliance chain and multi-chain technology are public chains of commercial applications, which can be accelerated by using authority authentication (POA); payment technology can be used for commercial transaction services; side chain ecology of main chain can be used for financial services.

What can AMT do?

The main functions of AMT block chain are: recording, certification, payment and transaction (e.g. digital asset transaction under block chain technology framework).

A. Recording Platform

(1) Anyone can add records, for themselves, personal records: examples, diaries, experiences, photos, etc.

(2) The right to manage personal information may be authorized to be viewed by others.

B. Authentication Platform

(1) Time-sensitive certification records such as school diploma

(2) Authentication of evidence records, such as court civil documentary evidence, notary records, etc.

C. Announcement Platform

(Organizations can issue announcements) Uses such as the results of competition, voting results, etc.

D. Business Platform

(Commercial Platform Service Providers Supported by Block Chain Payment Technology)

For example, de-centralized payment technology:

Payment Trusteeship:

Arrival only after confirmation by the buyer (without third party intervention)

Deadlines can be set and automatic refunds can be made if the transaction is overdue.

Businessmen can set up refund treaties to support non-full refunds