Partner Nodes

2019-01-22 23:11:48 Ambertime.--One-button Uplink 3

study tour organizations in Australia, Switzerland, Korea, Italy and UK are currently integrating into our AMT nodes, to be a part of our borderless university. In Tasmania Island, we are working with Tasmania University students organization to come up with study tours of different courses. It would be working in a local cherry farm while visiting Tazmania's favorite destinations, or follow local experts to the sea and observe how marine animal protection is done, or dive and collect Australian abalone etc. All these experiences will be certified and recorded in AMT individual client, the student will also receive  the Amber Borderless University badge.

We also have our own ocean sports organizations, such as newborn swimming school, youth sailing school, surfing school and diving school. We have our own training centers and courses. All these items are published in "Amber Borderless University" of AMT client. Users can participate and all training and skill levels will be permanently recorded in AMT client.

Our vision is for the world to recognize certificates issue by Amber Borderless University, and realize the ideal social university.