AMT Blockchain What is AmberTime?

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AmberTime is world's first "AMT as a Service" base layer technology service blockchain platform. AMT’s main applications focused on education, certification, travel and IP protection. "AMT as a Service " built a comprehensive blockchain technology system for service providers of related industries, including base layer technology and infrastructure, tailor user client and provide compatible and smooth API.


Ability is more important than academic degree.

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Individuals can search for study tours they are interested in on AMT, from individual’s admission, courses taken, performance, awards received to certificates and diplomas, every step is supported by AMT blockchain base layer technology and recorded in the App. Blockchain records are credible because it can’t be modified or retracted. In future job applications, all work experiences and performance will be kept in the institution’s student file App, and all these records are permanently encrypted, can’t be modified or deleted.


Amber Borderless University


AMT Education Accreditation

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Ambertime is open to schools, educational institutions and training institutions at all levels around the world. The participating educational groups and units will integrate the bottom technology based on mbertime into an open source and borderless "world university". After establishing the connection between client and AMT block chain and establishing block chain nodes, cooperative service providers can publish directly enrollment plans, academic tasks, course contents, completion instructions, etc. on the client side, and can issue achievement badges, grade certificates, qualification certificates, degree and academic certificates, etc. These commodity service information and certification information will be processed and secured by Ambertime network. All preserved